The Farm on the Hill, Washtucna

The Farm on the Hill, Washtucna

Somewhere in the rolling Washington Palouse country east of Washtucna, I saw this farm peering over the crest of a hill.  Attracted by the interplay of the lines of the stubble with the panorama of this immense field, I let my eye be drawn to the distant farm.  Positioning it as the focal point of this image to give scale to the vastness of this wheat field, I exposed XP-2 with my 1928 No. 1 Kodak at f/22.  Note that the sense of space is achieved with only a “normal” lens- no wide angle was available in the era when this camera was made!

4 thoughts on “The Farm on the Hill, Washtucna

  1. Just found your site looking for information on old Ansco cameras – this is such a beautiful photograph and I appreciate all the great information you have here. (I’m probably going to buy a 4×5 view camera soon…)

  2. Lovely image, Rand. Makes me want to dust off the old Kodak bellows camera that my grandmother (d. 1969) gave me as a teenager back in Ireland, and which I used to take the very first photo of Penny and myself just after we first met in Vancouver forty years ago….

  3. …..just want to add that I once took a week-long photography field course in this very same Washington Palouse country, Rand……about 1990 just before I embarked on my “second time around” university training for a major career change at age 38 (after immigrating to Canada from the UK in ’88…..). I must also dig up from the basement here my Fujichrome slides from that course…..:-)

  4. Thanks, Joe. Hope to drop by Rotary. Won’t make it this trip, as we have spent much of our time in Denver with our children and grandchildren. Will try to come by at the end of January when I rotate home.

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