Gallery Sales

Many of the images posted on this site are available as exhibition quality Giclee prints, either on canvas or fine art paper. Canvas prints are available either unstretched, or stretched and mounted. Since images are cropped to fit the subject matter, prices quoted below should be considered as approximate. Prices do not include shipping.

(Width x Height)
Canvas Print, UnstretchedCanvas Print, StretchedFine Art Paper Print
18”x 12”$36.00$75.00$36.00
20”x 16”$58.00$105.00$58.00
30”x 20”$115.00$175.00$115.00
36”x 24”$120.00$203.00$120.00
40”x 32”$162.00$310.00*$162.00
*Deep (1 5/8 inch) gallery wrap only.

Stretched canvas prints are available either in standard (13/16”) or deep (1 5/8”) gallery wrap, except for large prints, which require the deep frame for stability. Wrap styles include white, black, or colored edges, standard wrap (a small amount of image is lost at the edge) and mirror wrap (a copy of the image is reflected over the edge, and none of the image is lost). Prices quoted are for standard wrap except where indicated.

All printing and framing is performed by the fine art printing services of Turning Point Arts. Fine art paper prints are done on Breathing Color Elegance Velvet Platinum paper.

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