The Pond In December

The Pond in December

One cold December day, I found this partially frozen pond on the grounds of the Colorado Mining Museum just north of Colorado Springs.  Struck by the contrast of the dark water with the pale ice and the stark overhanging tree branches, I was able to obtain this image with my 1914 Kodak just before the light faded.  I think that it aptly conveys the mood of this bleak day.

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  1. I was very pleased to come across your blog this evening about the history and use of vintage cameras. Your photos, writing and the research that goes into it all are really top notch. I look forward to following your further adventures with these marvelous old cameras.

  2. Thanks, Mike.  I really appreciate your comments.  I wrote this for a long time and no-one commented, but now word seems to be getting around.  Doing this work isn’t an option; it’s becoming like breathing and eating, so it is truly meaningful to know that it’s appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    Rand Collins MD

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