The Image I Won’t Show

As a photographer, I shoot anything that moves.  Or doesn’t move.  Or might move onto a page in someone’s magazine. But sometimes you have to be careful about what you shoot and show.  Really careful. I recently spent a week in Miami at the 2009 Healthcare Globalization Summit.  As usual, I wandered the streets looking for images.  Returning each night to the parking lot, I was greeted by the pleasant Hispanic man in his 40s who manned the gate.  Slightly plump, with dark curly hair, a couple of days’ stubble, and a slightly rumpled T-shirt and jeans, he looked like any one of the thousands of Hispanic men who kept Miami running for the benefit of the richer and more…Continue Reading

A Perfect (Digital) Day: On Contemplation in the Creative Process

This a blog about fine art photography with vintage cameras. So why am I still talking about digital? Because digital helps me think. And, although “artistic process” is a hackneyed term, artistic composition is just that- a process.   And it can’t be hurried.   As a result, my little digital camera often helps me to work my way through the maze of images that might somewhere hold a great picture. This week, we visited our two children, Justin and Shannon, and their families in Denver, and of course I packed my four favorite cameras and a bag of film with me.  Shannon and Pete, her wonderful and steadfast husband and companion, took me for a day in the high…Continue Reading

The Great Digital vs. Film Debate

In this great debate, I think it is useful to look at the requirements of the situation you find yourself in when you are taking the picture. My fine art photography is mostly done with vintage cameras, primarily of the 1900s to 1920s vintage, so digital isn’t an option for me, but I also own and use a digital camera. If one is debating the best picture obtainable when you have as much time as you need to compose and expose, then I think the answer comes down to preference and the subtleties of the image in each medium. Digital and film are both very good these days, but there always going to be differences in the way each medium…Continue Reading