Through A Vintage Lens at Pearson College

Many people are fascinated by vintage cameras. Not all people, but those that aren’t are ignoramuses* and don’t count. You will find that a vintage camera can be your entry into the lives and work of others; not only will you be granted the gift of great images, you will make friends. If you pop open a shiny 1950 Voigtlander Bessa, with its lovely curved struts and Art Deco styling, you are clearly an artist. Or at least, someone interesting. Or maybe just odd. But still interesting. In the end, you are much more likely to be granted a photograph than if you wave a digital point-and-shoot under someone’s nose and look like another annoying tourist. Conversely, if you have…Continue Reading

First Annual Mid-Island Photo Expo

Through A Vintage Lens is at the Mid-Island Photo Expo at the Waterfront Gallery in Ladysmith on Vancouver Island this month.  “Tulips, Water Tower Place” and “Mission San Jose” won a place in the exhibit, which is to become an annual event. The venue, managed by the Ladysmith and District Arts Council, is a large gallery with high-quality lighting located in a renovated warehouse near Ladysmith’s waterfront.   The quality of the entries underlines the sophistication of Vancouver Island’s artistic community.  Including such well-known Vancouver Island artists as Neil Fatin, the breadth and quality of the images is impressive.  I am honored to be included. I was delighted to discover that I have been invited back to talk about fine art…Continue Reading