Christian Phillips, Master Luthier

Christian Phillips, Master Luthier

Craftspeople at work: one of the most fulfilling sources of rich and interesting images.  Walk and wander, and keep your eyes open for interesting shops and people at their jobs.  Carrying a vintage camera is a definite asset, setting you apart as an artist and interesting character in your own right.

On an afternoon walk down Denver’s Colfax Avenue, I wandered past the front of the Colfax Guitar Shop. Glancing inside, I saw rows of guitars adorning the walls, and Christian intently sanding the neck of a guitar. I was struck by his concentration as he bent over the instrument, illuminated by the lamp over his head and silhouetted against the racks of tools behind him.

In situations like this, conquering one’s shyness and reluctance to intrude is the greatest hurdle in making arresting images. Remember that most of us truly appreciate anyone who takes a genuine interest on our work. Went I finally entered their shop, both Christian and his partner Dave were interested and most willing subjects. I took both digital and film images; the latter are awaiting development, and will be posted when available.

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